El Segundo's diversity is its calling card. Its business community runs the gamut from accountants to urban planners, with high-tech corporations co-existing seamlessly with mom and pop stores.

Here are a few of our city's more notable industries.


El Segundo is known as the "Aerospace Capital of the World", a moniker it has proudly worn for the last half century.

Early aerospace pioneers such as North American Aviation, Douglas Aircraft and Hughes Aircraft located here after World War II, followed by the creation of Los Angeles Air Force Base and The Aerospace Corporation.

Today, El Segundo is home to Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, four of the nation's largest defense firms.

Global Positioning Satellite systems, the Global Hawk unmanned aerial aircraft, and the F/A-18 are just a few examples of military technology developed in El Segundo.

With much of the country's intellectual capital centered here, El Segundo is unquestionably the place to be for aerospace and related support firms.

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More than half the satellites and vehicles in space have been manufactured in El Segundo.

Creative Arts

Over the last few years, El Segundo has emerged as the destination of choice for a number of major players in the burgeoning creative sector. From long-standing corporate citizens such as Mattel--the world's largest toymaker headquartered here--to Oscar-winning animation and visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues, El Segundo is undoubtedly a creative sector stronghold.

Among the reasons:

• Prime coastal location
• Unsurpassed architectural charm and small town feel that continues to attract filmmakers and television producers to the area
• Proactive City government
• Affordable taxes and lease rates
• Proximity to major studios
• Strong and diverse local economy

Creative services encompass a broad range of business categories, including fashion, toys, product and industrial design, architecture and interior design, digital media, communication arts, art galleries, visual and performing arts, furniture and home furnishings, and entertainment.

According to statistics recently released by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, the creative economy is responsible for nearly one million direct and indirect jobs in LA and Orange counties, more than $3.8 billion in annual state tax revenues, and nearly $100 billion in sales receipts in LA County alone. El Segundo is a big part of that picture as evidenced by the following list of creative leaders in the community:



Digital Media/Publishing

Product/Industrial Design



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"El Segundo is definitely the most business friendly city."

-- Robert Eckert
Mattel, Inc.

El Segundo-headquartered EP Industries created the cars for the Fast and the Furious movie series.


El Segundo continues to attract major engineering companies and consultants in a variety of fields. Since 1949, it has been home to Wyle Laboratories, one of the nation's largest high-tech engineering firms. Aura Systems and Seal Laboratories are also long-standing members of the community.

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El Segundo has long been a preferred location site for the entertainment industry.

Scenes from countless major movies, television shows, cable programs and other media have been filmed here, particularly in the downtown area and at El Segundo High School.

El Segundo is also centrally located between Hollywood and South Bay studios, attracting a spate of industry talent and technical support into the area.

In 2000, the Los Angeles Kings, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Sparks moved their practice facilities to El Segundo and established the Toyota Sports Center (formerly HealthSouth) complex on Nash Street.

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El Segundo has been a preferred location for scores of major films, ranging from 1934's Cleopatra to the recent I Spy and The Fast and the Furious.

Information Technology

El Segundo is synonymous with IT and the preferred base of operations for many of the world's most established high-tech firms, including Computer Sciences Corporation, Electronic Data Systems, BT, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and Xerox.

It has also become the preferred hotspot for data centers such as Equinix and 365 Main, thanks to its prime location, extensive fiber network and reasonably priced office space.

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"Our decision to do business in El Segundo was based on a number of factors, in particular the city's prime location and its sterling reputation as a high-tech business center. We were duly impressed that the City has invested deeply in its infrastructure, particularly in the area of fiber optics. This, we believe, helped us secure our first tenant, which left a troubled Los Angeles market scorched by high demand and power outages to come to El Segundo.

We also appreciate the City's ongoing efforts to refer us to potential clients and tenants and to promote our center through its own communication channels."

-- Chris Dolan
365 Main Inc.


El Segundo has been an industry town from its inception and it is still the site of one of the state's largest oil refineries.

It is also home to the El Segundo Generating Station power plant.

Much more than military aircraft parts are built in El Segundo.

A manufacturing mecca, El Segundo is where toys (Mattel), power semiconductors (International Rectifier) and motion control devices (Glentek) are made.

It is also the home base for surfing legend Tyler Hazikian, who designs and builds his custom longboards in the Smoky Hollow district, and famed inventor Eddie Paul, whose company E.P. Industries has developed such diverse products as four-dimensional cameras and innovative fire suppression pumps.

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"The Aerospace Corporation was established in El Segundo in 1960 and for more than 45 years has maintained its headquarters here. We feel fortunate to be located in a city that is so supportive of our work and our employees. It is an exceptional environment for conducting the important work of national-security space. We join our colleagues in the aerospace industry, as well as others who have the good fortune to operate in El Segundo, in saluting the city for 'investing' in our presence. By affirming through its policies and practices that it truly values the diverse community that makes the city unique, El Segundo is helping ensure continued prosperity and growth."

-- The Aerospace Corporation

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