Business Sectors

El Segundo features several unique business districts, from the many successful small businesses that dot its historic downtown to the more than a dozen Fortune 500 giants and hundreds of other major corporations that line its bustling eastside commercial section.


Dating back to the city's founding, El Segundo's historic downtown is the heart and soul of the community. Tucked between the beach and quiet residential neighborhoods, Downtown El Segundo is a secluded gem.

City Hall and a vast array of shops, restaurants and service businesses line the popular Main Street.

Sprinkled with art and antique shops, eateries, studios, and even a vintage movie theatre, Richmond Street is renowned for its quaint architecture and brick facades, which have made it a favorite location spot for the entertainment industry for many years. El Segundo's pioneering businesses were founded on Richmond Street, which was also home to the town's first city hall, police department and library.

Grand Avenue intersects both Main and Richmond streets and serves as the gateway that brings traffic to the downtown area from both Sepulveda and the coastal routes. Grand is home to several popular restaurants and shops, plus various offices and professional service outfits.

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Sepulveda Boulevard

Sepulveda Boulevard is the main north/south artery that runs through El Segundo and separates the town's commercial sector from its residential neighborhoods. Sepulveda is home to a mixture of offices, hotels, restaurants and stores, as well as a nine-hole golf course and the Plaza El Segundo shopping center.

The Sepulveda widening project, made possible by funding secured by the City of El Segundo, helped ease some of the traffic burden on this busy roadway.

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El Segundo's stretch of Sepulveda Boulevard used to be strawberry fields.

Imperial Highway

Imperial Highway is El Segundo's northernmost artery and serves as the buffer between the community and LAX as well as the connector to the 105 freeway. The frontage road Imperial Avenue is sprayed with shops, eateries, and service businesses, as well as a major hotel.

Imperial Highway hosts a variety of air and freight-related companies, as well as aerospace and corporate businesses.

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Aviation Corridor

Located east of Sepulveda, south of Mariposa Avenue and north of Rosecrans, the Aviation Corridor, which includes Aviation, Continental and El Segundo boulevards, and Nash and Douglas streets, is home to many of El Segundo's (and the region's) most prominent corporations and aerospace companies.

Zoned for commercial, industrial and manufacturing businesses, the Aviation Corridor contains Air Force Base, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon, Aerospace Corporation, Mattel, and Campus El Segundo, to name just a few.

To greatly improve the flow of traffic in this busy sector, the City of El Segundo secured state and federal funding to connect Douglas Street--a vital route sandwiched between Aviation and Sepulveda--to Rosecrans. The Douglas Underpass was completed in 2008.

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Rosecrans Corridor

Located along Rosecrans Avenue between Sepulveda and Aviation, the Rosecrans Corridor houses some of the South Bay's premier office complexes, including Continental Plaza--the largest contiguous office park in the Southland.

The Rosecrans Corridor is also home to state-of-the-art movie theatres, shops and a veritable who's who of upscale eateries that service the area's large working population as well as locals and tourists.

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Smoky Hollow

A combination of residential units and light industrial/manufacturing businesses dot this unique section of El Segundo that runs between Grand Avenue and El Segundo Boulevard and between Standard and Center streets. 

In recent years, the district has become a haven for creative and media arts firms and City Planners envision a transformation that will also bring future retail and restaurant uses to Smoky Hollow.

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